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770capital Rating by voting: 15.81
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Year of foundation: 2010
Minimum account: 250$
Minimum lot: 0,1 lots
Spread: from 1 pips
Payment options: Карточки, банковские переводы, денежные переводы, электронные кошельки, интернет-банкинг
Trading Software: online
Official website https://770capital.com/ru

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reviews about forex are very different, and it seems to me that those traders who could not find themselves in this area turn out to be dissatisfied. But you do not have to trade, you can also cooperate with the company through an affiliate program. Well, of course, you will not earn millions here, but there are prospects. so I work with 770capital and advise you.
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I chose a broker for trading and made a mistake. The minimum deposit is large. There are no cent accounts and micro lots. It is convenient to work for those who already have at least some experience. The terminal works well, and, in principle, you can make good money with a good trading strategy
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I started earning by trading just last month, withdrew money twice, all transactions on time and in full. I Learned to trade here too. The company is cool. In general, my feedback on the 770capital is positive.
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