About the project


Forex broker rating aims to help traders on the Forex currency market. This service provides an objective universal list of Forex brokers with the most complete and accurate information on each company. At your service convenient system of comparisons brokers, in which are collected required fields for a full assessment of brokerage companies. Feature of this site is that users can make their own assessment, to vote, to leave comments and reviews on each broker. Remind you, that the reviews are granted the right to leave only experienced traders, professionals. All statistics of estimates shown in the chart that allows you to visually track and compare the trend of the votes of traders on each month.

Properties of calculation formula:

А = (А1+100^((X1+X)/(Y1+Y)))/2

       А1  — rating for last month,
       Х1  — points for the last month,
       Х    — points for the current month,
       Y1  — the number of votes for the last month,
       Y    — the number of votes for the current month.
                  (Х=1; 0.9; 0.8; 0.7)

In order to choose a broker company , a person will need several weeks of hard work in the Internet: to find information on brokers that he is interested in, trading conditions and platforms, that they offer, make a comparative analysis of proposed accounts and services. We have created a universal service with which you without difficulty and time spending be able to select brokers and compare their trading conditions.

Our independent rating of Forex brokers will allow you to form an opinion based on reviews and recommendations of other visitors. Thus, you will not only find information you are interested in, but also will know the opinion of traders of any level with the description of nuances and characteristics of trading conditions.

On our website you will able to estimate Forex brokers !!! We do not give our own recommendations and assessments, do not remove the comments and reviews. Access to the rating is open to everyone, so the estimates reflect mostly a personal experience of traders - both, successful and not. We are proud of the fact that on our website the assessments are the most objective and independent. This fact attracts the attention an increasing number of traders, and every day the number of visitors of our website is growing steadily.

Besides the independent rating the website contains a section "Video", where you'll find video news of Forex brokers , an analytical video, the video reports on trading, lessons and training materials for traders. The website also publishes the latest news of brokers, Forex market news and interesting articles with the latest information about best-known brokers and traders.

By bringing all the concise and complete information on each broker, we have created this project and truly believe that it will be helpful to everyone - from the beginner to the expert trader. But if you still can not make the right choice on broker company , we suggest you to use tips that will add to you a confidence in your decision.

We wish you to find your broker!

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