Our Terms and Conditions


Our Terms and Conditions

Forex broker rating - a service that provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the most complete list of known Forex brokers and detailed description of each of them.

The team of qualified specialists of Forex broker rating has created for you an objective and convenient system of comparison of brokers, which contains all the necessary criteria to evaluate the companies.

In addition, on open spaces of portal you can not only evaluate the activities of broker companies, but also can learn about the work of these companies and leave your comments and reviews, as well as to comment on them.

And to create a comfortable environment of communication, we have developed a set of rules, following which maintained a friendly atmosphere. Please note, that in order to maintain constructive conversations without exception all the users of the portal must follow the rules shown below.

Let's start with the most important.

The main task of the administration of the portal is to provide only the relevant information. That is why we suppress the slightest attempt by affiliated entities to damage the image, or vice versa, to improve the reputation of a particular company.

The term "affiliated entities" shall mean employees of Forex brokers or partners who conceal their involvement in the companies, competing companies, as well as people who involved in the placement of reviews and comments on the request of interested parties.

At the same time it should be noted that the administration of the rating is not responsible for information posted by users, but at the same time, it does not allow to violate the existing rules. Those, who nevertheless tried to get around them, there will be applied the relevant measures.

Administration is completely independent and does not support any of the parties in conflict situations!

1. For constructive communication we recommend users to:

  • 1.1. to communicate in English language;
  • 1.2. before placing, check, whether the text contradicts to the Terms;
  • 1.3. to avoid the incoherent or irrelevant conversations and dispute settlement;
  • 1.4. as much as possible to comply with the grammar rules and punctuation.

2. Users of the portal should not be

  • 2.1. to disclose information about the third parties without their consent.
  • 2.2. to provoke the users and / or respond to provocations;
  • 2.3. to make a loud statements on disputable subject matters or on subject matters in which "float";
  • 2.4. to answer off topic (offtopic);
  • 2.5. to post meaningless posts;
  • 2.6. to conceal your actual IP-address. This might cause suspicion.

3. Portal users is prohibited ...

  • 3.1. to use as a displayed name the addresses of websites, e-mail, obscene language;
  • 3.2. to use the nickname of an existing user, at least in one subject;
  • 3.3. to post reviews and comments under different nicknames from one IP-address;
  • 3.4. to publicly discussing the actions of the administration of the site (bortsunstvo);

    Usually, the method of bortsunstvo is applied to kindling scandal due to any actions of administration to avoid existing Rules.

  • 3.5. to duplicate messages of any nature in one branch (spam);
  • 3.6. to post the same messages of any nature in the branches of several brokers simultaneously;
  • 3.7. to use profanity, even in a hidden and veiled form;
  • 3.8. to post advertisements or affiliate links that lead to other resources;
  • 3.9. to use the openly advertising slogans (spam);
  • 3.10. to turn the constructive discussions into a squabble (trolling);

    Trolling is expressed in the posting of rough, provocative, offensive and hysterical messages.

  • 3.11. to exert psychological pressure on the administration of the rating by threats of any kind. We're not going to make concessions to scammers who are trying to mislead visitors of our website by manipulating the company's reputation;
  • 3.12. to post the messages that violate the laws of the Russian Federation, including appeals to violence, violation of existing legislation, as well as the statements of a racist nature and other things that falls under the Criminal Code of the RF.

4. If you the official representative of the company ...

  • 4.1. to uniquely identify of author's posts as the official representative of the names (nicknames), must contain the name of the company;
  • 4.2. your answers should always be clear, specific, and competently comprised.

5. The official representatives is strictly prohibited:

  • 5.1. to leave a message without specifying his involvement in the company. For failure to comply with this requirement, to the author of messages threatens to ban and removal of all messages;
  • 5.2. to write messages that have an impact on the reputation of any company, represented in the rating, hiding his true attitude towards it;

    We do not accept praise "of the company" or or humiliation of reputation of the competitor supposedly from the ordinary visitors of the website. In case of violations, we will immediately block the voting for your company, as well as lower the rating of "experts", denoting all cases of fraud on your part, or remove the messages that come under the ban.

  • 5.3. to change the reputation of your company means of such fraud as cheating with votes by employees or attracted persons If the administration convict the company's rating in such actions, then to the culprit will apply the same measures as in the case of cheating with reputation.

If you violate any of the rights for the first time the administration issues a warning. Repeated violation the administration reserves the right to remove any messages that violate these Rules, as well as restrict access to the rating, up to the complete blocking of undisciplined author.

6. Reviews

  • 6.1. Reviews can be written only real client of the company, including those who have ceased to cooperate. Review can not be written based on rumors and conjectures. As an exception allowed the reviews, which are not describe the company's work from the customer's point of view, but the facts that are mentioned in the review relate directly to the company.

    The real customer is the one who has registered before the write a review on the the company's website no later than 5 working days and made money deposit no later than two business days. Easier speaking, could really evaluate all the terms of cooperation with the company, on which he wrote a review.

  • 6.2. in the review you need to to tell about your experience with the company, indicating the specific advantages and disadvantages of cooperation. Reviews which do not contain specific facts, will not be taken into consideration;
  • 6.3. each review must include an evaluation of cooperation with the company on a 100-point scale (i.e. you just need to put in the text of review your assessment), where 0 - the total failure to fulfill obligations, deception and fraud, and 100 - the client is completely satisfied with the cooperation. Evaluation should be indicated at the bottom of the text of the review;
  • 6.4. in the review the company, about which there is a speech, should be necessarily specified;
  • 6.5. the review, which answers the above described rules, hall be accepted for publication. After the adoption of the review for publication, the author of the review should in 5 days show any of the following facts of cooperation with the broker:
    • 6.5.1. a screen-shot of your Personal Office, account number and last name, and notation on replenishment the account (confidential data, such as the amount of deposit/withdrawal, etc. that you may find confidential, can be hidden, by painting in any graphics editor);
    • 6.5.2. specify your full name and account number for the request to the company;
    • 6.5.3. to send any document that confirms the payment of deposit in this company, including screen-shots * of your Personal Office of electronic payment systems.

      * Screen-shot - is a snapshot ("Photo") of your monitor screen, where you can see all that is currently on the screen. More information about the screen-shots you can find in the Internet recourses.

  • 6.6. confirmation of the data about the author:
    • 6.6.1. if the facts of Cooperation are not confirmed in a timely manner, the review will not be published;
    • 6.6.2. if the screen-shots are found fake, the review will not be published;
    • 6.6.3. if the official response from the company does not come within five days, the administration of the rating considers that the user has provided accurate information about himself. If the answer was received, but not on the all of the data, we assume that the unconfirmed information - is correct;
    • 6.6.4.if the author of the review has registered less than 5 business days prior to writing the review, it will not be accepted for publication, because we believe that it is impossible in such a short period of time to evaluate all the advantages and disadvantages of cooperation with any of the companies. An exception may be only a specific case, confirmed documentary or discussion in review is about the initial stages of cooperation (for example: on the registration);
    • 6.6.5. if the author of the review opened an account in the company, but did not make a deposit (i.e. did not trade on a real account), the review is not accepted for publication. The exception, as in paragraph 6.6.4, may be only a specific case, confirmed documentary or discussion in review is about the initial stages of cooperation (for example: on the registration);
    • 6.6.6. if the author of the review has filed a second review on the same company within 30 calendar days and the opinion about the company has not changed, this review will be removed along with the first review. The reason - obvious cheating with the reputation.