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IFC Markets Rating: -1.14

Рейтинг: -1.14

Отзывов: 98
Status: Not Defined
  • Status: Not Defined
  • Trading platform: МТ4, NetTradeX 2.0.2, NetTradeX Mobile 1.5.5
  • Trading conditions: USD, EUR, RUR | 1$ | 0.01 lot | from 1:1 to 1:400 (Beginner, Micro4), 1:1 to 1:200 (Standard) | fixed from 2 pips
  • Address: Postal Address - 2nd Floor, 145-157 St John Street EC1V 4PY, London, UK
    Legal Address - Quijano & Associates (BVI) Limited, P.O. Box 3159, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands
  • License:

Crypto Broker — list of top-ranked Forex-brokers

In an actively increasing popularity of digital currencies, many Forex-brokers has started to work with cryptocurrencies and introduced a new account type – Crypto. You can learn more about top crypto brokers of the current year by checking out RatingFx financial company rating.

Crypto Broker — cryptocurrency trading on Forex

Crypto broker enables its clients to deal directly with digital currencies, including such popular currencies as Litecoin and BitCoin. Forex Brokers offer to trade cryptocurrencies in pair with USD, EUR and RUB. Currency, there are not too many brokers operate on the financial markets that offer an opportunity to trade cryptocurrencies.

It is still not completely clear how exactly a trader can trade BitCoin on Forex. Operations with digital currencies in a trader’s platform are actually Forex trading. Those traders, who doesn’t have a digital currency or just don’t want to risk their purchased cryptocurrency, can use CFD (contracts for difference) on regular trading accounts. Some large banks already started to conduct operations with cryptocurrencies, acting as the liquidity suppliers for brokers. In view of the fact that this area has so far evolved, the spread for cryptocurrencies is quite high, which is explained by the fact that the market has a big volatility and the price can overcome thousand points per day.

Cryptocurrencies and Forex

Today, cryptocurrencies are considered promising investment and trading instrument, which can bring benefits to all types of traders. Honestly, it is unbelievable simple to trade it on Forex, because each trader can, with similar success, earn money both with ups and downs of an exchange rate. On our web-site you can learn more about this type of trade, find up-to-date overviews of trading conditions in different companies, and study information on what cryptocurrency-brokers are now among the best based on our user reviews.

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