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Traders’ reviews

Reviews about FinMax от Georgeruim 03.04.2019
I registered a demo account to test the company. On the same day the manager started calling me and demanded that i make a deposit. I replied that i would like to trade for the time being on a demo account and do not think about the real deposit. The next day they called me again and started to demand a deposit with great pressure, i replied that this behavior of their company managers was alarming for me. They began to insult me ​​in every way, while still demanding money! I would say that this is not just an imposition, but simply a fraud. I am very glad that i started with a demo account. i will never return to this company again.
Reviews about FinMax от Dik 03.04.2019
To earn from any normal broker, it is important that you have a good working strategy. Spend at least a week to study it for a demo and see what results you have on Finmax. Broker client does not merge, your actions is your result.
Reviews about FinMax от Den 21.03.2019
trade on finmax with ethereum, bitcoin and litcoin. For this trade here and opened an account. Spreads are moderate, not very large expansion. Conditions are good.
Reviews about FinMax от MAK 21.03.2019
Finmax is a popular broker. Trading conditions suited me. I started trading on a cent account, and then I made a larger deposit. The broker is honest, often holds promotions and contests, generous with bonuses. Depositing / withdrawing money is not a problem, opening orders happens almost instantly.
Reviews about FinMax от Mark 08.03.2019
Although binary options have an ambiguous reputation, I still work with them and am quite pleased. and together with Finmax this work becomes really profitable. on the broker’s side there are no problems, the platform’s speed is at its best, but what else does a trader need?

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Overview of company trading conditions

The binary options broker FinMax is a team of financial market professionals specially created to provide the best trading conditions for the company's clients. Our experts were directly involved in the preparation of technical specification for creating an innovative platform that is suitable for beginners as well as for experienced traders.

Why FinMax?

The broker FinMax was created in order to enable as many traders as possible to invest their capital in binary options trading. Our main objective is significant simplification of the trading process and getting profit.

Our team works for you to succeed in trading. We use an individual approach to each client that consists of an attentive attitude to traders, a large selection of assets, a huge amount of training materials and quality support.

Advantages of trading with FinMax broker:

  • Full transparency of all operations. Every trader has full control over his trading account. All operations performed on our website are completely transparent;
  • Unique trading platform. Leading traders from the FinMax team were involved in its development. It is designed according to modern requirements in the field of security and trading;
  • Individual approach to each client. It does not matter whether you had trading experience on binary options or not. We will help you to navigate the binary options trading. To this end, we offer not only high-quality training but also work with personal managers.