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FXGiants Rating by voting: 25.06
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Year of foundation: 2015
Minimum account: 500 $
Minimum lot: 0,01 lots
Spread: floating from 0.7 pips, fixed from 1.2 pips
Payment options: Neteller PayPal Skrill UnionPay WebMoney Bank Transfer credit cards
Trading Software: MetaTrader4
Official website http://www.fxgiants.co.uk/en/

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Hello Everyone. I just say fxgaint is BIGGEST SCAM BROKER so please don't put your hard earn money in this broker. because when you earn here profit and he never gave you a withdraw. How I know that about fxgaint. because I am deposit here $500 and when I earn here profit and put it withdraw request its declined my withdraw and suspended my account. This is my real experience that I am share with you so please don't join this broker. And you can also search in google.com about fxgaint review its SCAM BROKER and you can see that a lot of reviews because he never gave withdraw. He just suck the innocent people money. MY fxgaint ac no is 18043573 its my real ac number my profit is $721 and he cancel my withdraw and suspend my account. When you send my withdraw in my Perfect Money account then I can remove my reviews. So don't make your deposit in this broker because he is cheater same like Iron Fx and his Pakistani Agent Waqas Khan is also mother fucker he says that deposit here our broker is good when I deposit here and withdraw time my account is suspended and I contact him he says company not gave the withdraw and I am employee here. BAD BROKER
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