How to choose binary broker?


This question is very relevant, since it asks himself almost every newcomer who got into the market of binary options. And there is nothing surprising about it, because, as in any other market, the market of binary options there are a lot of companies. But we will help you to understand. We did this article just for this. We will help you not to get lost among the offers of brokers and create a solid foundation for future earnings.

Do not believe those who promise a automatic profit

On the market today are many companies that in their advertisements are promising us a large  automatic income , . Frequently they do that on them's own but through other sites, which tell about the magical trading robots and trading signals, which are constantly give a profit. On these sites, we are advised to try a trading strategy of one or another broker. In fact, it turns out that these signals do not work, and vice versa drained newcomer's deposit. Our first advice to all - is to stay away from such companies and from trading signals!

The market of Binary Options - it is an opportunity and not ready-made solution. Immediately get out from there where you promise that you'll not do anything, and by signals will get a stable income. Remember, a stable income, you can get only by trading on your own!

Trading in binary options - this is the same work, and you should be ready that you have to do it yourself. Use your own strategy, open your transactions on your own, even just intuitively. If you do not give up, that your own approach, will help you to earn and succeed!

Look at the the reputation of the company and its position in the rating

Of course, the best criterion for choosing the company are the company's performance in the rating. Because the rating reflects a subjective point of view not of one person or a site, but the opinion of thousands of people. The higher the company is located in the rating, the higher its comprehensive assessment among all the participants of the market of binary options.

We advise you to make a choice only between the leaders. And here the logic is very simple. The better is company _, the higher its position in the rating. For this rating and was created, to give us an understanding of the situation on the market and the ability to quickly assess all the companies.

We know that those companies that have managed to climb into the TOP-5 rating, for no reason do not want to lose their positions and will value their reputation, and this means that they will provide you with quality services. That, what we actually need.

To become a leader of the rating is very difficult, it must be earned not only with the excellent work of the company, but also the positive reviews of satisfied customers. In our rating we do not take into account the fact that the companies are promising us - we estimate it only objectively, based on the opinion of market participants and their experience!

Do not fowllow to different bonuses and promotions

The market of binary options _ is very specific. Unfortunately, there are companies that do not work correctly. They set a goal to drain the customer's deposit, when they simply should set the goal to provide us access to the trading terminal. Typically, these companies promise us huge bonuses, campaigns and all sorts of incredible trading conditions. And all this with one purpose - to lure us into their nets.

So our next advice - do not work where is to perfect ! If you promised to a profit more than 75% in the 60 seconds option, it is a sign that you facing a dirty company that does not send your transaction to anywhere, which means it will be difficult for you to make money!

After seeing in commercial or website of some company such conditions, as a rule, you will see and bonuses, which will offer you 50% or even 100% on your first deposit. This combination - a sure sign that in front of you is not a real broker, and so-called "kitchen", which for bonuses uses the funds of other customers. We strongly recommend that you do not work in such companies. A real broker who conducts your operations as it should be and does not hinder you, will not entice you with bonus features, as he will not be able to make money to give you a bonus on your first deposit. Remember this!

Of course, there are exceptions, but as a rule, very rarely. In order to give bonuses, conscientious companies should make a high the minimum deposit and restrictions to play out the bonus money.

Now you have been warned, and therefore, "armed". What we can dom is only wish you luck and and a stable profit!