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Do not climb into the trade, quotes and spreads workers, and give their earnings. Still do not bother with regular calls like other brokers with whom he worked before. Perhaps for me these are the most important advantages of them.
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I like this broker to have good spreads and transactions occur without delays and freezes. Well, the most important thing for me is that the earned amount can be taken out without any problems. I like working with him.
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Guys, these are the real scammers. One fine moment you will enter your personal account, and there will be 0! Themselves will withdraw and leave nothing.
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As offices that engage in a swindle and blocking of accounts bothered already. I hoped so, that found a normal company. Paul years I poured out the deposits in general complication to the amount of 2000 dollars, did not turn out to begin to work, but claims no, because guilt was my. But then I succeeded from 300 dollars to do 700 and I ordered the conclusion of facilities. Here and a broker NPBFX showed the person. I open by the morning of February, 16 terminal and I see, that I have 50 dollars, it turns out in the personal cabinet, that facilities were sent on pay essential elements, but not my. I write in support, ask to report a purse money went away on that number to me, in reply my account is blocked and write, that I need to change accesses in to the cabinet and account. I change, write to them again, but an answer is I so not got more, where my money went and why an account was not deblocked me I can not understand.
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A cool broker that offers swap-free accounts, using it has been and remains relevant for thinking traders who want to trade more comfortably and not overpay for keeping open trades. I do like trading conditions and fixed spreads.
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From the beginning of June I moved here. Faded with the constant slippage of the past broker. How not to enter the news so forever popandos. Where the profit was going to take me there just opens. Tin! In NPBFX passed already especially not believing in miracles. But! It turned out that there are normal. Who can open even almost without expanding the spread! After a couple of entrances, I exhaled. Tried on different tools to open and all the rules. What is also remarkable is their good liquidity in all instruments. Well, at least that I have already tried. Even on many crosses.
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Finally, the company added the cryptocurrency how long it was waiting. The list is not very big yet, but I think you can already try to work with them. While I saw these options - BTCUSD, BCHUSD, DSHUSD, ETHUSD, LTSUSD, XRPUSD
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the company was credible, while working under the name of the bank, now for some reason went offshore, ceased cooperation.
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I would really recommend NPBFX if you are looking for a reliable broker where you can use an EA. My EA works perfect with them and I have never had any issues with withdrawal.
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Traded in npbfx 1 year. While I was trading in a minus, everything was fine, but as soon as I started to go positive, there was a bummer. One day, the money from the account just disappeared. In your account indicated the output on Yandex money. I myself did not make this conclusion. After contacting those. support account was simply blocked. Further attempts to contact the broker were unsuccessful. Result: loss of personal funds in the amount of 30000 rubles.
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i heard about NPBFX earlier and only good rewievs. I think it is a good company with a lot of good services for all categories of traders
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I have been trading with a broker for almost a year. I connected to the Zulu Trade service and copy trades of two traders. The platform is convenient, you can set the level of risk, trade comfortably. Broker gives to trade
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actually, I look for broker with swapp-free accounts. My friend advised me NPBFX. The fixed spreads and trading conditions suit me.
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General information about NPBFX

  • Status: Recommended broker
  • Founded in: 1996
  • Regulation and jurisdictio: IFSC
  • Affiliate Program:
  • Special Features:
  • Contact Data:
    Corner Hutson & Eyre Street, Blake Building, Suite 302, Belize City, Belize
  • Official website:

NPBFX Trading Conditions

Types of Accounts:
Minimum account: 10 USD
Minimum lot: 0,01
Spread: From 2 pips
Payment options: bank transfer
Trading Software: NPB Trader + version for mobile devices (PDAs and smartphones)
Investment Programs:
Bonuses and Contests:


Stock Commercial petroleum Investment Bank - Closed Joint Stock Company - СJSC "Nefteprombank" was established in 1992.

The Bank is registered at the State Bank of the Russian Federation in Moscow 12/11/92 and at the Moscow Registration House on 12/08/92 , registration number 2156.

Supervision over activities of the Bank carries out department №2 MMTD Bank of Russia BIC 044585000.

Benefits of Nefteprombank:

  • Best Rates and spreads
  • A large number of tradable currency pairs
  • Top hardware
  • Cryptographic protection and electronic signature
  • 24 hours service
  • No commission
  • High professionalism of employees
  • Transparent relations
  • All transactions are transfered on the Forex market
  • The high reputation of Nefteprombank

1. Trading account

Nefteprombank provides brokerage services on the FOREX market to individuals and legal entities, residents and non-residents of the Russian Federation. Conclusion of the agreement is possible as at the time of visiting office of the bank or remotely (by mail).

For all matters relating to the service on the FOREX market at the Nefteprombank and with the opening of the trading account, the bank's employees will provide a support during 24 hours by phone 8-800-333-30-70 (toll-free for calls from Russia and from cell phones).

2. Demo Account

Demo account allows you to trade on the FOREX market without the risk of losing your money. In the rest of things, the trade on the demo account is identical to real trading.

On the demo account, you can: get the experience of trading on the Forex using a new trading platform NPB Trader, as well as test your trading strategies.

Registration demo account is free and available to everyone.

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