Attention! Scammers on the market of binary options! Be carefull.


This article, we decided to do because more and more people are faced with unscrupulous brokers in the binary options market, which, instead of normal work, are making a fraudulent schemes, thereby ruining the reputation of the entire market. Companies that operate fair, alas, there is in each market, and unfortunately, the binary options market is not an exception. But we will tell you how to identify these dishonest companies and how not to fall for the bait of scams.

Basically entire industry of fraud on the binary options market is built on sites of the signal suppliers . On these sites we are promised a guaranteed profit, but in practice people there are simply lose their money!

Scammers are working on each person only once, and afterwords they no longer care about client. And they do not care what they thereby are undermining the reputation of all binary options market, where are many honest companies. The goal of scammers - is get the money here and now!

In order, to motivate newcomer on the market, to give the money, scammers create many websites with a beautiful videos and enticing promises , they give a 100% guarantee and promise a guaranteed income, showing at the same time, as it turns out, the fake screenshots of their accounts, in which the authors of a particular website are showing their profits in the past.

Such sites convince the customer to open an account in a certain broker who is in cahoots with the scammers or simply is the initiator of this scheme himself!

The unsuspecting newcomer opens an account, makes money, but the automatic signals on the account do not make money, as it was promised, but on the contrary, they are drained a client's deposit!

That's how this scheme works! A person loses money, and the broker shares them with the supplier.

After that, part of the money the scammers again allocate for advertising to capture new victims!. When website that promises a stable income, heavily cluttered with rumors and reviews that it was "a fake" and "scam" - it simply get thrown and creates a different domain, a similar one. It very easy, the organizers of the scam are simply change the names of "Guru" trading and legendary millionaires to other, take a new photo, recruited new actors and everything starts again ...

That is how a lot of newcomers who got on the binary options market, lose their money. However, we did this article to protect everyone and help everyone to identify a fraud!

How to identify a fraudulent scheme?

  • If any site offers you trading signals with guaranteed profitability in percentage or in monetary equivalent - you alreay know, THIS IS A FRAUD!
  • If you are offered a wonderful program that will make money for you , or asset management service, where you can lie down and do nothing, - just know, THIS IS A FRAUD!
  • Remember that in the market of binary options you can make the money, but only yourself! You personally have to give orders to trade and personally take decisions. In order to succeed, you have to spend a lot of energy and work in the market of more than one day. And you will have not only profitable deals. Because this is - a risky market. And If you hear somewhere that there is no risk - know, THIS IS A FRAUD!
  • Be careful with companies that ask immediately to make a deposit from 200 dollars or more. All fraudulent schemes are built with brokers who have a big first deposit, because the second deposit is already, of course, no one will not make. For work you better find a broker, work of which can be tested with a small deposit.
  • Be careful with companies that offer a variety of bonuses Bonuses for the professional in the market -. this is a negative factor. If you look at the companies that are involved in fraudulent schemes, you will see that they all offer great bonuses.

And now for you to clearly understand how a fraudulent projects look, we give you examples of some of them, that you had understood the logic of their work. After reviewing the scammer's websites, you will never get on their bait because you will be able to identify them. Almost all of them are created on the same principle and are working on a scheme.

One of the most promoted fraudulent projects:

«Golden Age»

It offers trading signals. In the project a lot of fictional characters that are promoting it (Zlata Minaeva, Sergei Mironov, Andrei Zovov, Dinara Malinin). In the scheme with scammers works broker Daily / precisely to this broker Zlata Minaev asks us to make a deposit. But her colleague Sergey Mironov recommends another company Option Fair . (As you can see, scammers may have not only one broker).

The investigation of bloggers showed that projects such as the "Golden Age", "The Golden Goose", "I'm Millionaire", "Alexander Volodin", "Vadim Ozerov," "Crisis Manager", etc. - Were reated by one author, under the nickname of «Media Mars».

«Your million»

Also it offers great trading signals. In this site has already been invested more money than in the "Golden Age", the main investing here was in shooting a video. Here, creators of the project do not just take a photo from the Internet - they've hired a director and actors for the quality video. And a broker that is recommended to give money, is more solid here - Banc De Binary www.bancdebinary. com/ru/.There is even a nondescript second broker supposedly to have an alternative - Ftrade https://ftrade. com/?lang=ru. As you can see, this project altogether has an international character, and the broker that participates in it, is positioning itself as one of the leading in the world. This once again confirms that the broker age and regalia still means nothing.

«Gold Signals» (Alex Gold)

+ broker OptionRally + broker PlusOption

List all the fraudulent projects we're not (there are dozens of them)! All of them are about the same, but if you like to explore a more complete list, you can do this by going to the page:


But the list is not so important, because now, knowing the signs of scammers - You will be able to recognize them!

As you can see, among those companies that are involved in fraudulent schemes, there is a big and serious company as well. Some of them even have a good license, and they are really regulated in the EU.

How do you think, how can they work like that? Do you think that the regulator does not know about it or had no complaints to him by the victims customers?

It's very simple! The thing is that these brokers do not admit that they are in cahoots with the fraudulent projects, and denied any connection with them. In the case of complaints, the broker that participates in such schemes, the controller tell to this or that complaint, that he knows nothing about the site, which it was recommended by , and no one promised any income. In confirmation of this on the brokers websites there is a notice about the risks and that a no guarantees of revenue it does not give. Thus, the blame for the loss of money from the trusting clients can not be attributed to the broker by regulator It turns out, "we can blame ourselves only, that fell for it!».

It should be noted that in the making of fraudulent projects are involved a good marketers who pick the names of the projects so that reviews about them were hard to find on the Internet. For example, the "Golden Age" - is the name of the famous jewelry brand, and "Sergei Mironov" - a well-known politician. For not a professional, who just types in the search window requests like that, to find the real reviews about these projects is difficult. On this and count on the organizers of fraud.

As a whole, such projects are a lot, and they grow like mushrooms. But now, knowing how they work, we are sure that you will not fall for the bait of scammers!

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However, we will make sure that all will people know about this fraudulent scheme and, therefore, we will do a good job and help thousands of people to save their money!